Explanation: The aim of this training is to provide a general overview of the fundamental nature of offshore NDT, including its role in the engineering, construction and maintenance of in-service industrial systems and components.

It has been written to acquaint non NDT personnel looking for a new career.

The emphasis will be on the more common forms of NDT and especially those techniques used in offshore NDT, And the selection of an appropriate NDT method for a specific application. It will cover the basic physical concepts of various testing techniques, how they are selected, who uses them, their capabilities and their limitations. Course Objectives:

Off Shore NDT Training In India To Learn fundamentals of Off-Shore Drilling & Rigs
Off Shore NDT Training In India To study & Familiarize with the basics of Fundamental NDT methods used in the Off-Shore Drilling Rigs
Off Shore NDT Training In India To learn completely application specific reg BOP, Mud Pump, Check Manifold, Mud pump dampener - Their Functions & Hazards
Off Shore NDT Training In India To do sufficient practical and become Proficient in the field Off-Shore NDT methods
Off Shore NDT Training In India To learn completely safety aspects in Off-Shore NDT Process
Off Shore NDT Training In India To have the complete idea about Probability of Failure & accidents & the Consequence of failure
Off Shore NDT Training In India Master the codes acceptance criteria used in the Off-Shore NDT

Course Schedule

9:00 AM – 11:00 AM 11:15 AM – 01:15 AM 1:45 PM – 3:45 PM 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  1. I Introduction
  2. SNT-TC-1A
  3. One day Demo
  4. Onshore Fractioning
Defects in VT: Casting, Welding, Forging, Valve and Plate Rolling Basic MT and OCTG MT Procedure Basic PT and OCTG PT Procedure
2 Basic UT and OCTG UT Procedure Basic LT, LT Stimulator and LT Applets Pressure Testing: Hydro & Pneumatic US Testing of Virtual Leak and Cold Leak
3 BOP Functioning: Testing & Video Mud Pump Functioning: Testing & Video Choke Manifold Functioning: Testing & Video Pulsation Dampener- Functioning: Testing & Video
4 Sub Sea Leak Testing Pipeline, PRD Intro & Testing and Code ASME SEC V Art 13 ALL Testing Code: ASME B 31.3, API 576, BOP Code and API STD 53 Accidents & Safety
5 Practical Case History & Discussion Level II - General Exam Level II - Specific Exam Practical ExamConclusion